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Fix the Notorious white outline around DTF prints

 A Guide to Fix Transparent Pixels

Werther you are  printing or buying prints. There is one persistent issue that often plagues DTF prints. The notorious white outline around designs. This pesky problem can diminish the quality of your prints destroying the picture of the finished product and leave you frustrated. But fear not, for there are solutions to banish this unwanted ring of death once and for all.

Understanding the Problem: What causes the white outline?

Before diving into the solution, let's first understand why this white outline occurs. When a design with transparent pixels is printed using DTF technology, the printer treats the transparent areas around the design as part of the image. As a result, a thin white border appears around the edges of the design, detracting from its overall appearance. Bad quality designs is problem number one.

DTF help, DTF printing help, DTF tips and tricks, DTF Training, transparent pixels fix, white outline around dtf prints fix


Solution : Preparing Designs Effectively

By checking your designs before printing you can achieving high-quality results.  By using Adobe Photoshop to clean up any transparent pixels by adjust the threshold levels as needed. If you don't have Photoshop, ask your DTF Vendor for some help. Here is an instructional video on "How to remove the transparent pixels.


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Don't attack your DTF Vendor. By simply checking your designs, and yes even the ones you by of Etsy! You can say goodbye to those pesky white outlines and offer a quality product with confidence!

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