Heat Transfer Instructions and Care



DTF Transfers Care and Instructions

If you're new to the DTF process than you're in the right place. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our product. If you care about your craft like I do, follow these simple instruction for proper use and care of your DTF transfers.

  1. Cold wash inside out.
  2. Tumble dry on LOW HEAT inside out.
  3. No fabric softeners or dryer sheets

Now lets talk about correct way of applying the transfer onto the shirt.

  1. Turn on Heat press, set to medium pressure and let heat to 310 degrees.
  2. Place shirt in the desired position.
  3. Use a lint roller to better prepare the shirt for adhesion.
  4. Using Teflon/parchment paper Press shirt only for 10 to 12 sec at 310 degrees. This step removes moisture from garment.
  5. When completed, place transfer on shirt to desired position.
  6. Cover with parchment paper and press for 10 to 12 sec. buzzer should sound.
  7. Let cool (completely for best results), peel slowly pulling back NOT UP at a steady pace without stopping. In the case the transfer start to lift, simply re-press for 5 to 8 sec and try again.
  8. Final step, using parchment repress shirt for about 7 sec, this press helps to set transfer into fibers of garment.

These are basic instructions giving, these are not the standard on how to properly press a transfer onto a shirt. Understand that there are a lot of variables that can and will effect the end result. Like quality of press, material of garment and so on. Here are some more instructions for material type

Cotton 15 sec at 320 med/pressure cold peel

Poly 10 secs at 275 med/pressure cold peel

Tri-Blends 10 sec at 275 med/pressure cold peel

50/50 12 sec 300 med/pressure cold peel

Size Guide

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